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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 13, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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they count the numbers, they say that the turnout is surprisingly large. last couple of weeks they were saying they would be satisfied with 10 to 12,000 ballots cast. there are easily 15 to 20,000 people here at the university campus for the straw poll festivities outside. now they're suggesting we may find out that the total ballots could be as many as 15,000. that would be a very large number, much bigger than four years ago. and there is a suggestion that that could bode well for ron paul or michelle bachman. there is a lot of nail biting going on. >> bret: all right. we'll check in in a bit. one man who carries a lot of weight with these voters isn't on my ballot, but he is on the radio. steve brown says he has a knack for heating things up. >> all right. finish the sentence for me 'cause we have heard this a million times. it's not ron paul i don't like. it's ron paul's supporters. >> supporters. >> the des moines register calls him a conservative blow torch.
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>> the problem pawlenty has is he didn't stand up to the high school quarterback and now he's picking on the captain of the cheerleading squad. >> now he's back on the radio air waves and that's bad news for the republican presidential field. >> what i want to do this time is traumatize pretty much all of them. >> he's part of a new iowa breed of republican activists. >> there is a new crop of evangelical conservatives who are unbending, uncompromising, and are tired of being told one thing when another thing happens and he is the mouthpiece of that movement. >> tim has seen when that mouthpiece can do. he worked for mitt romney's 08 iowa campaign and dace detests romney. >> with mitt romney, he has no record on any issue, from the bush tax cuts to immigration amnesty, to life, to marriage, he has no record at all. >> so starting in late 2007 from his old station, who in des
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moines, dace launched his personal air war pummeling romney. >> we knew what he was saying and he helped turn out a new breed of evangelical voters. >> he has a lot of passion and it oozes out of the microphone and i think that he takes this really seriously. >> can i give someone an opportunity to prove they are the real thing and when they have that opening, can they exploit it and take advantage of it? you bet i can. >> huckabee won the iowa caucuses and if you look at the results in central iowa, the counties huckabee won ring des moines, while like a radio signal. >> that's where we helped mike huckabee is we helped him get known. but he still had to close the sale. >> earlier this week, dace predicted michelle bachman would won the straw poll, but insists he has no favorite in the current gop field. >> there isn't a ronald reagan in this field. there isn't a george w. bush 1999 in this field. that might be a good thing. >> especially for dace who will be riding herd and occasionally
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taking shots at the candidates as they travel through iowa. >> bret: i asked him whether or not -- >> i asked him whether or not there was anything how he treated romney in the runup to the caucuses and he said there was one thing, that he didn't do more of it, because romney is back as a candidate this go around. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. let's bring in a man who knows a thing or two about iowa politics, chuck grassley is in his sixth term as united states senator from iowa. he joins us now. senator, welcome? >> i'm glad to be with you. >> you've been through a few of these. >> yeah, i think since 1979. >> bret: what do you think of this one, turnout and the overall anecdotes you're hearing? >> more people turning out. there is an undercurrent of outrage. i think because of the president's discredited economic and fiscal policies. there is a real determination to change the leadership of this
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country. it's not -- this was a quiet turnout, as you meet people one on one. but under there, there is a current. >> bret: do you sense that across the state? >> yes. absolutely. and particularly in the last three or four days as i interacted with so many people two days at the state fair, and almost as many people here. >> bret: there is a lot of discontent across the country for congress and getting things done and some say that's about coming together. others say it's about standing on principle. how do you respond to the criticism of congress looking like it's just grinding to a halt? >> congress is part of the problem, but i would urge people to understand that when it comes to conflict within congress, they probably see more conflict than actually exists because
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conflict makes news. when you're getting along with people either within your political party or between the political parties, it doesn't make news. >> bret: do you think the super committee that is set up by this bill that was passed on the debt ceiling increase is really promising? do you expect something to come out of it that can actually pass? >> i don't feel very encouraged by it. but here is the way i have to look at it: right now it's the only ball game in town to cut out another one and two tenths trillion dollars out of the potential debt we have coming. so try to work with it. try to make it work, but i feel it's kind of the make-up of it, particularly ones that pelosi put on the committee as making it very difficult to reach a majority. >> bret: you heard former speaker gingrich in a debate and he articulated some real problems with the super committee and that's been heard around the country, that they're kind of outside what congress
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should be doing, that it should be a regular budget process. it should be a regular true committee and up through the chain. >> sure. we haven't had a budget in the united states senate now, i think, for 840 days. in other words, we have not had a budget in the congress of the united states last year or this year. and i think the reason we aren't having it is because there is a lot of tough votes come up. when you have budget debate. with 23 democrats up for election, only ten republicans, i think senator reid is trying to protect his people from as many difficult votes as he can. and they're willing to take the public criticism of not having a budget as opposed to the kind of the diluted criticism of a vote here and a vote there. >> bret: but you hear the frustration. >> oh, in iowa? you don't hear it specifically about a budget not being adopted, but you hear it about people that are fearful and scared that what has happened
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for nine, generations in this country isn't going to happen again, that our children will live better than this generation has lived. >> bret: i want to ask you, before we wrap up, about the straw poll, about another story we cover a lot on fox and that's this operation fast and furious. you've been looking into this, the gun running operation, walking guns across the border that the atf was involved in. where is this going? for people who are anxious to hear what's going to happen, what do you tell them? >> when chuck grassley conducts an investigation, sometimes it goes on over a long period of time because i'm going to stick on it 'til i get to the bottom. i want to know who in the justice department or higher up made a decision to do this. we want to know when they made it and what the decision was, everybody involved. right now we only know it involves the atf. we have learned it involves the f.b.i., and the drug enforcement
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administration, but we still don't know who up in the justice department. the other thing is, the outrage that comes today when the u.s. attorney in arizona said, we don't know whether terry was really murdered or not. and the two guns that were there found at his scene. they were part of the guns that were part of the fast and furious. it seemed to me that that's ridiculous that that guy was a victim. it doesn't treat the family right. it puts people above the law. we can't let the people in the justice department get away with that. >> bret: do you think the attorney general knew about it? >> i don't know. i wish i could tell you and i wouldn't be afraid to tell you, but i don't know. but i'm going to be on it until i find out. >> bret: we'll stay on it as well. it's a story that a lot of people are asking us about. let's go back to the straw poll. do you sense anybody has momentum here? you've been around the grounds.
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what about this race? >> well, i only sense that the most devoted following is that of ron paul. i mean, that is almost indestructible. whether it will be massive or not, we won't know until the votes come out. but you sense that with -- you go around the grounds. >> bret: do you think he's electable for the gop? >> listen, i am saying that what we have to do here is do everything we can to stay unified as a party because unless we're unified as a party, we can't beat the incumbent president. >> bret: senator, he didn't sound too unifying on the stage thursday night. >> on foreign policy, maybe not. but on domestic policy, i think he's in with everybody else. >> bret: senator grassley, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you very much. >> bret: we'll take you to south carolina to hear some of the speech from the newcomer in the republican presidential field. we'll have that story and much more as we wait for results here at the iowa straw poll in ames,
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>> bret: the newest presidential candidate is now headed here to iowa sunday, texas governor rick perry officially joined the race today in south carolina. jonathan serrie watched in charleston. good afternoon again, jonathan. >> hi, bret. governor perry touted his record of job creation in texas and said that could easily translate to the national level if he is elected. he was also tough on president obama, blaming the current administration for the recent s & p downgrade of america's formerly triple a bond rating and also blamed the obama administration for even more. listen. >> the fact is for nearly three years, president obama has been downgrading american jobs.
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he's been downgrading our standing in the world. he's been downgrading our financial stability. he's been downgrading our confidence and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. >> this is clearly a speech aimed at fiscal conservatives, but last week governor perry bolstered his social conservative credentials by holding a prayer rally in houston. now, according to the most recent fox news poll of the likely rincon tenders, perry came in at 13%, second only to mitt romney who came in at 21%. those were the only two candidates in the poll enjoying double digit support. but the question remains whether governor perry's political style will appeal to libertarian leaning new hampshire conservatives and also how his texas swagger will translate to voters in iowa where you are. bret? >> bret: jonathan, what about his ground game in south
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carolina? i was talking to governor huckabee about the situation here in iowa and obviously in new hampshire. he was suggesting that perhaps governor perry's strategy is to make his stand in south carolina. do you have a sense of the ground game already set up? >> that indeed is some of the speculation because by making his announcement here at this redstate gathering, he was really the only show in town. and here you have this crowded room of conservative activists and bloggers and so clearly it's a way in the short-term to get his word out. but also in the long-term, potentially a way of shoring up support in south carolina which are the first in the south. >> he has other events down there? i guess he's continuing events, talking to different groups before he comes out this way? >> bret, we're getting word that he is arriving at his final
3:15 pm
campaign stop in new hampshire. we have a live picture coming from greenland, new hampshire. this is the house of state representative pamela tucker, and the texas governor showing up there for a campaign fund-raiser. bret? >> bret: okay. people standing around the patio. but it was live. so that's a nice look there. thank you very much. we will talk with one of the most recent entries into the presidential sweepstakes when our coverage of the iowa straw poll continues in a moment. again, we're waiting for results. we don't know when they're coming down, but it could be any minute. >> this is governor tim pawlenty's area. the band will start in a little bit. you can see the huge line behind me. what is this line for? a chance to see the governor? barbecue? no, this line is for dairy queen
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>> bret: 800 credentialed media members here covering the iowa straw poll. we are awaiting, we are all awaiting the results. it really could be any minute. we don't have any other indication from the organizers here when it's coming down. we're told sometime within this hour and we will have it for you obviously. one of the people running in this straw poll, congressman mccotter of michigan. he was until rick perry got in today, the newcomer into the presidential race. he's here to talk with us now. welcome, congressman. >> thanking for having me. >> bret: what do you feel like? what's going on? >> i think it was a great
3:20 pm
opportunity to introduce my candidacy to the people of iowa. there were many people who were very well organized for this. but i thought it was a chance to meet with iowans, to see what was on their mind, to get the message out. so far it's been a kind reaction. >> bret: there are some who say why are you doing this? you know the challenges of running for president. you're a congressman. why are you doing it? >> i think the pundits missed the point. the point about the generational challenges the country faces. i believe we have to address them, especially in the area of the economy. we're in a very great deflation. this is not an ordinary recession however painful it is. if you do not deal with the contraction of credit in this country, if you do not -- all the necessary tax relief, all the necessary regulatory reform, all the above energy strategy are not going to get us out of the problems if people like japan had in the '90s with an entire generation was doom to do a stagnant economy because of a failure to address those
3:21 pm
problems. >> bret: on the flip side, people say by only cutting and not raising any taxes or not generating revenue, that you are then reducing the -- you're increasing unemployment at a time when the economy can't handle that. that's the other argument. >> that's what we call a democrat. the people who think our prosperity is from the public sector. whereas a republican and conservative, i know prosperity is from the private sector. this is a fundamental that mr. obama, mr. reid, mr. pelosi, if you really want to help the economy, allow the economy to grow the tax base. when you try to raise the tax base and cure it by raising the tax rate, you get less revenue, let productivity, you get more unemployment and that allows these democrats to claim they get to spend more money on people. people want to be self-reliant. they want to work. they don't want the washington to tell them they need their assistance to get thousand this period of time. that's what we need to do is reduce the weight of big
3:22 pm
government on people's backs. >> bret: so president mccotter, what do you do that could get through a divided congress to change the economy? >> i think there are two things you get through a divided congress. hopefully there would be coat tails where you would have a republican senate. i would say bipartisan support to do what the come -- we believe there are currency manipulations, cyber spying, dumping, the list goes on. i think you can build a bipartisan coalition to enforce existing trade rights with that country. so that our exporters aren't unfairly treated. you can go back and force the banks to restructure, to recapitalize at the expense not of the american people and the bond holders, so they can get solvent. i think these are things we can do. >> bret: then do anything stimulative? >> i would argue if necessary, corporations employ millions of
3:23 pm
americans, i would think that is something we can do to help generate it. if you don't stop the epa imposing cap and trade through the back door, what's going to happen is you'll continue to see a decline in manufacturing, a continued depression within the opportunities for this economy to grow, and what you'll basically see is the 1970s with president obama. >> bret: you mentioned corporations. the front runner in this gop field is governor mitt romney. you've had some back and forth with him. what do you think about his candidacy and what he said the other day about corporations are people? >> i want to, if i may, go counter intuitively, i want to defend him. i think he was inelegant in what he tried to say. for legal purposes, they're treated as persons. but what he was trying to say is what ron reagan and others have told us, they employee americans. they help move the prosperity of the middle class, the working class and all of us down the road when properly and responsibly done and if you
3:24 pm
punish these corporations, the people who will get hurt are the very workers who you want to see helped grow the economy and others take the job as they move up the ladder. >> bret: so there is the defense. what about the offense. you have problems with governor romney and some of the things he's pitching to do and how he's running his campaign. >> i have problems with the fact that with romneycare, the government rationing under another name. the support of climate change, which obviously especially coming from a manufacturing state, i disagree with. i oppose the wall street bailout and removing frank dodd. and allow the banks to continue as zombie banks who won't let credit flow down. with mitt romney, it's been more kind of me and less of a back and forth. >> bret: that's true. [ laughter ] what are your hopes tonight as we await these results? >> double digit. >> bret: did you have a tent? >> we had a tent.
3:25 pm
we had the band. >> bret: you play? >> our grassroots campaign, so i didn't get randy travis, i got my brother dennis and me, and former member kenny holsof was there and it was the debut of the holsof girls, his daughters were there. it was a lot of fun. people seemed to like it. we had bomb pops. >> bret: what's the prospect of the mccotter presidential campaign? >> as you know, we do not run in a national primary the right fly eye on a -- rightfully iowa is the first one. so for a campaign like ours trying to build out, to have people after this come up to us ask us to go visit their county republican organization or their community organization as is happening, is exactly what we hoped to get out of this, to get another chance to get the message out in front of people for their consideration. >> bret: for all the people e-mailing us about not including you in the debate because of the 1% in five national polls, no hard feelings? >> i didn't tell them to do
3:26 pm
that. but my brother is outside, i told him to stop. >> bret: congressman, thanks so much. i appreciate it. we'll talk again with carl cameron and the panel when we come back still awaiting these results from the iowa straw poll in ames, iowa. woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote.
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>> the results in the iowa
3:29 pm
straw poll. the music is getting loud. i don't know what that means, but it is. let's bring in our panel once again. steve hayes and national correspondant for the post and we welcome kay henderson news director of radio iowa. kay, you are the local here. what do you think about today's turn out and the feeling on the ground. >> i did. i think it is going to eclipse last time around which was easy to do. i don't think we will be rivaling the turn out in 1999 when george bush and steve forbes put on a show here. but there was a lot of enthusiasm . i talked to voters going in to cast their ballots. they had made up their mind in the past week. many of them had watched the debates and it changed their minds. >> interesting, what did they say first of all?
3:30 pm
>> i talked to several ron paul supporters before thursday night who changed their minds because they were not familiar with his views on foreign policy as they had been after that . they voted for sanatorium. >> and that is interesting. ron paul speppeds time answered questions about foreign policy. >> it was a particular change with sanatorium pressed him on iran and he was talking down the potential threat and pakistan had nuclear weapons and it is not that big of a deal if iran has nuclear weapons . rick sanatorium pressing on that backed ron paul in a corner where he was making a indefensible argument. >> last night you talked about
3:31 pm
rick sanatorium and he could surprise. you think that today it turned out? >> i don't know that but it was interesting, his supporters when you went out on the grounds here support of stayed in the tents. they were here for rick sanatorium. in some ways that is more interesting stories tonight. how well he does. >> okay people here take this seriously . not just the quee - on barbecue and dairy queen blizzards. >> it is the most expensive public opinion poll done in iowa this year. it is a great gauge of what iwans think about the candidates and what they feel and how they want to stay in rick sanatorium's tent and co-mingle with people who have a like mind.
3:32 pm
do you sense a back lash on governor pery today. >> not in general. a ran into a water -- woman from waterloo and she was a bachmann supporter. okay, so that is a signal that the final results are coming very soon. so if he interrupts me again i apologize. there is anticipation here. one, two, is the ticket in the iowa caucuses historically. >> absolutely, you can see michelle bachmann come out with a big number and enthusiasm that can propel her forward and say she might have to be taken more seriously than we have taken her at this point . tim pawlenty, if he doesn't have a good showing and even
3:33 pm
all of the focus and resources that they spent on the straw poll in particular, i think it becomes harder and harder for him to go to fundraisers and say look, i am the guy. >> what about herman cain. he said he neded to finish in the top three and backed off of that a little bit. does four get him to the caucus? >> i think at this point he was the last speaker today. >> he fired up the crowd. >> and the outpouring of the crowd. they have a great deal of affection for herman cain. but what hasn't happened for him is emergance as a credible candidate who can win the nomination and beat barack obama. >> he did fire up the crowd. we'll talk with the panel here. voice of god heard there and we'll have the results for you
3:34 pm
on fox news channel. >> it is not just the candidate's tents. these are advocacy tents. pro life iowa against althiemers . another one about pro wind energy and another one about the energy forum and over here a big area for the nra. people are in these tents as well. we'll be right back after the break. ♪
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go to what's in your wallet? >> look being live in ames, iowa. i was joking about the voice of god, of course, it was the announcer telling us that the results are moments away. you will see them here on fox news channel. it is a big event. we'll bring in karl cameron. what is the latest? >> it is tough while we wait but raises the suspense and this straw poll may be historically the most unsettled ever. i want to introduce every to chuck loudner. he was the executive director and knows the ground game in the first caucus state. no one knows what is happening here. talk about that? >> no, they don't.
3:38 pm
the different dynamic in the straw poll and so many people are keeping their powder dry, they are looking for the full spectrum conservative. a ton of people came undecided and that is a dynamic we have never had before. it is very much in the air. what is driving that indecision after all of the campaigning that the candidates do? >> normally in our caucus process, including the straw poll, generally candidates come in and try to own an issue and they build off of that whether it is immigration or fair tax or flat tax. as i said before they are looking for the full spectrum conservative and so the single issue voters slips away and it is hard to make that choice. executive experience matters. >> so in terms of the retail
3:39 pm
caucus politics and the way candidates must engage with caucus goers here. curve ball here, who is doing it wrong and not aattentive enough. >> there is quite a few candidates and not for the fact that some are late getting here, only campaigning for a month or so. but those who have invested here, you know, herman cain, caught a lot of wind in his sails in the south carolina debate and had a boom here in iowa, and then the campaign just kind of stopped. >> mitt romney will make a presence here he said, do you believe it? >> i would have to see it to believe it. i wouldn't be surprised he got over 20 percent in the caucus last time and they still have iowa addresses, i personally wouldn't walk away from 20 percent if there was possibility for more. >> has rick perry offended the
3:40 pm
iwans. offended. they are not happy about it. they rather have him here and enjoy the celebration we have had all day here in ames and the lead up to it. personally yeah, i am upset that he stomped on our event when we are trying to show case iowa. but these people voted for a candidate and came in undecided. >> you know what, we are getting close, chuck. there is one republican that has been around the block and nice if people compete harder. we'll give it back to you. >> okay, karl, thank you. we'll listen in and make the results. take a listen. >> i can tell you there is one presidential candidate that did not have a good day and that is barack obama. [applause] because the size of the crowd
3:41 pm
in ames is evidence that the republican insurgence is alive and well here in the hawk eye state. [applause] and i also want to make sure before we announce the results of the straw poll, iowa secretary of state mat shultz and his hard working staff and lucy martin for overseeing the electionns. . [applause] and now at this point secretary of state shultz will hand deliver the straw poll results to me. [applause] with 16,892 iwans voting, the winner of the 2011 iowa straw
3:42 pm
poll is congresswoman michelle bachmann. [cheers and applause] thank you, everyone . have a good night. >> the winner of the iowa straw poll is congresswoman michelle bachmann. as i see it here, i am going to bring back the panel here. >> i was reading the board over your shoulder. ron paul number two. tim pawlenty number three . who was number two? >> ron paul. >> 4600, and pawlenty 2200 or 2300 . sanatorium with 1657 . her man cain came in fifth. i didn't see how many votes
3:43 pm
bachmann got. >> john hunts man got 69. that thaduous 35. we are doing a play by play . the head of the iowa republican party max strong came out and announced the winner and the rest of the places essentially came up on the screenn and they didn't announce those. michelle bachmann the winner and congressman ron paul second and governor tim pawlenty came in third. now, the question is. the cheering is happening. here for ron paul who is in the stadium. chris wallace, this is exciting. >> it is exciting. i have to say two things. michelle bachmann got 4823 votes. that is interesting .
3:44 pm
the almost a tie. 4600 votes for ron paul and pawlenty -- 2200. i think there are three michelle bachmann won and that cements her position as a serious player . ron paul with very little money and a lot of organization. grass roots organization came in only 200 votes behind her and tim pawlenty, a distant third. he said if he finished, he would have to decide tomorrow whether to reark sess the campaign. i think he will have to reassess. >> i don't think he necessarily gets out. but not one he can be happy about. michelle doubled the total . ron paul doubled the total of tim pawlenty.
3:45 pm
he focused his campaign on a good result here in ames and he didn't get it. >> karen? >> i think he's going to have a lot of trouble holding his organization and keeping his talent and another thing he may want to think about preserving his viability for a running mate to who ever gets the nomination and all of those will be in his calculation going forward. >> and we are just received word that karl cameron is standing by with the chairman of the republican party max strong. >> it is important to note that bachmann bested ron paul boy a hundred votes. first of all a very high turn out. >> i think it was clear in the
3:46 pm
process -- [inaudible] >> now -- i am sorry. talk a little bit about the write-in campaign. first ever decision to do it. >> first time we ever had the write in and my understanding that governor perry had 712 write in votes which is an impressive number. >> 712 would put him ahead of mitt romney. what are the consequences where romney is critized for not spending enough time here. >> i think you will see governor romney and governor perry tomorrow and in the
3:47 pm
state. it is all out here in the hawk eye state. >> what does this benefit of the boost means for michelle bachmann and her fund raising and is this new life and means that ron paul is a contender for a caucus win. >> for congresswoman bachmann it is a sign of enthusiasm and she is building an organization that caught up with that. everyone knows the iowa calkuss press desk requires motivated volunteers across the precinct and this is a great head start. >> rick san toriumm came in fourth and struggling in the polls, talk about how if a candidate exceeds expectations and has been well back in the polls can get a boost. can he expect that? >> it will be interesting to see. senator sanatorium has been in many communities and has been connecting with the voters in
3:48 pm
those community it is a strong showing when people had initially wrote him off. there is a strong support in the pro-life community especially the high catholic population to go for sanatorium. >> for 16,000 plus, that is a big win. >> we would be hoping over 10,000 and have a turn out that blew the doors off what we did in 2007 . had eight candidates . i am optmistic and i know when barack obama get to iowa on tuesday. it is not 2008 anymore. republicans are ready to go. >> thank you very much. we'll send it back to you. >> karl, thank you and michelle bachmann winning in the straw pole and ron paul
3:49 pm
coming in second . tim pawlenty coming in third and rick sanatorium former senator from pennsylvania coming in 4th. we will go over all of the results and more from the ames straw poll and where we go from here. we'll be back with the panel after the break. me entertain y♪ ♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪ [ male announcer ] with beats audio and flash, you can experience richer music and download movies straight to the new hp touchpad with webos.
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>> you are looking live outside at congresswoman michelle bachmann's bus. she is in well and she will give a speech at her headquarters, her tent and trying to get a shot. she is the winner of the iowa straw poll and the graphic and
3:53 pm
the percentages down the road. you can see congresswoman bachmann and ron paul just a couple hundred votes away. governor pawlenty in third and senator sanatorium in fourth and herman cain fifth . interesting development, the write in canditate rick perry beat mitt romney and newt gingrich. steve? >> the big take away michelle bachmann established herself as a candidate and needs to be talked about as a first tier candidate. the end of this process here in ames, means the end of mitt romney's strategy to run a general election strategy. he can no longer afford to do that.
3:54 pm
he has rick perry to beat him with a write-in vote and michelle bachmann who looks formidable . what mitt romney got when he actively participated four years ago he took away 31 percent of the vote and he had not had people on the ground and they made phone calls. three percent is a small number for somebody who is a national front runner. >> karen pawlenty said he moved up and he was seventh and moved up to third, but the bottom line for all of the organization and time he put here, this is disappointing. >> the bord collapse is not too strong to apply to where he stands out. it opens a huge opportunity for rick perry and a larger lesson to take away from this. this year in this state, passion trumps organization.
3:55 pm
>> chris? look bachmann won and winning is better and that's the most important thing. i will say this my substraction skills remain. bachmann beat paul by 152 votes. she's been on tv and all over the place since we got here and i am sure she got less for the money than ron paul did. i suspected he spent less per voters. she won and a viable candidate and a player and paul is an enormous grass root candidate. pawlenty is mortally wounded and i disagree about this. i don't think mitt rom no is not scared of this. he will worry about bachmann and perry. but romney was not rt by today. >> obviously the story of congresswoman bachmann and kay
3:56 pm
henderson talked to folks who left ron paul and went to sanatorium. 152 votes, who knows, what about the debate affected that. last thing quickly. senator sanatorium finishes fourth maybe better. >> pretty good results for rick sanatorium . i found all of rick sanatoriums or many of them and they had some sanatorium and might get a better result. >> panel better results . the results came down and thanks for helping me read. i will have final thoughts in a moment. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if." what if we designed an electric motorcycle? what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360
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>> anxiously awaiting for congresswoman michelle bachmann to come out of the bus. she's the winner. congressman ron paul comes in second and governor tim pawlenty in third. finally tonight, we want to thank everyone who has been so kind to us in our time in iowa. we hoped we brought you some of the anticipation of iowa politicings. it was a big week for the candidates especially michelle bachmann. most of them will soldier on


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